Tips for Golfing

As with any sport or hobby, you must be willing to invest time, energy, and effort to see the fruits of your labor. Regardless of whether your long-term aim is to become a top player or merely flex on your officemates at someone’s backyard artificial putting green, you’re going to have to start somewhere. And few of us kick off our golf careers performing like Tiger Woods! We’ve found that when it comes to laying a firm foundation for putting like a pro, it often starts with your mind. Working on your mental game can be as impactful as working on your physical performance. Here are a few of our favorite tips for golfing mindfully. Let’s dive into some of our favorite mental strategies for the golf course!

The Best Mental Tips for Golfing

There is a lot of information out there on how to become a better golfer. Much of the advice you’ll find focuses on physical measures of performance, such as a powerful swing or optimal stances for holding your golf club. Rather than highlight common recommendations revolving around how to hit the ball or improve your golf swing, we want to set you up for success before you even approach the driving range or golf green. Take a look at some of our best mental tips for golfing like a seasoned professional.

backyard putting green flags

  1. Channel positivity. This is some solid advice across a vast spectrum of tasks, duties, roles, and goals. No matter what it is that you’re undertaking, the power of positivity should not be undervalued! While it’s true that your positive vibes likely won’t allow you to perform telekinetic abilities and move the golf ball into a hole, your attitude can absolutely impact how successful you are in taking shots around the green. Focus on things that you’re doing right, rather than deliberating over what you’re doing wrong. If you aren’t seeing the outcomes you’d like, figure out what you can do differently to receive those results you want.
  2. Focus on the “now”. It is so tempting to play mind games with yourself throughout the golf game. Maybe you’re doing well at the beginning of the course, so you start getting comfortable. You ease up a little bit. You think, “I’m ahead of where I usually am. No need to sweat it now.” But by you letting up, someone else can take the lead due to their continued focus. Or alternatively, maybe you fell behind at some point. So you start deliberating over that single mistake and try calculating what you can do to salvage it. While it’s great to be intentional with your swings, don’t waste your time worrying over something that happened 10 minutes ago or something that could happen in another 10 minutes. All you can do is focus on your next shot and concentrate on your current plays.
  3. View each challenge as an opportunity to improve. Golf is a game of skill. But sometimes, no matter how many practice swings you’ve attempted, you still struggle with that clip shot or pitch shot. It can be difficult to hit that sweet spot sometimes. Don’t let your mistakes, failures, or pending challenges get in your head! Remain focused. Remain rational. Don’t wallow in the situation! Assess the situation and devise a “plan of attack” based on your assessment. Avoid worrying about what has happened before or running through the “worst case scenario”. Look at the ball’s position, and figure out the most efficient way to get it in the golf cup. If you mess up, consider what you need to do in order to do better next time.

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