practice green flagsticks

General Product Benefits To End User

  • No need to bend down to remove your ball from the hole – beneficial to golfers of all ages and abilities
  • Keeps practice area looking good - protects turf area around the cup
  • MORE PUTTS per practice session, more fun
  • Cool WOW factor!
  • Sets your course, backyard or indoor practice green apart – offers a new experience
  • Speeds up practice – less time retrieving balls
  • For those that want the latest – PushNPutt is the first innovation in practice putting in over 50 years
  • Select color and flag design – make it your own
  • Tested and proven – withstand all conditions

All Pushnputt Products Offer These Features:

  • Fully patented and unique – nothing else like it
  • A one year limited warranty
  • Automatically lifts and spreads out golf balls back onto the putting surface with a simple motion
  • Stays in the cup-but can be easily removed if desired
  • Golf balls will not fall back into the cup
  • All are made from the same stainless steel- high quality powder coated steel – nylon and outdoor plastics
  • Custom, flags, finishes and colors available
  • Made in North Carolina – USA

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  1. Backyard Green Owner – as someone with a personal home practice green, you care about improving your game. PushNPutt flagsticks can help:
    • More putts, less time, MORE FUN
    • No need to continuously bend over to retrieve balls
    • Maintains pristine condition of turf
  2. Backyard Green Designer and Installer – as a business person you care about creating happy satisfied customers – you want them to tell others what a great job you did. The unique award-winning PushNputt can help:
    • Set your practice green designs apart from your competition
    • Greater customer satisfaction
    • Opportunity to reach out to prior customers
    • More bang for the buck – be the first to offer your customers a new “wow” experience
  3. Artificial Turf Manufacturer/Supplier – as someone who takes pride in offering the very best artificial turf, PushNPutt can help maintain the quality of your product:
    • Prevents damage to turf around the hole
    • Patented – nothing else like it
    • Opportunity for additional product offering

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  • Superintendent – maintaining the practice green as the “living room” of your course takes time and focus, PushNPutt makes it easier:
  • Saves money and time - reduces labor cost by having to rotate holes less – actually has an ROI
  • PushNPutt maintains pristine look of practice green despite high traffic
  • Prevents damage to putting surface and cup
  • Greater player satisfaction
  • Competitively priced
  • Teaching Pro – Whether you or your students sink 6 or 60 putts during an extended practice lesson, PushNPutt uniquely makes your job easier:
  • Saves your back from bending over repeatedly during lesson
  • Offers greater efficiency for student
  • More putts – less bending – more FUN for both of you
  • Player – PushNPutt offers all golfers more incentive to practice putting:
  • Universal Design product that is better for players of all ages and abilities
  • More FUN – More Putts – Less time
  • No need to bend over

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Indoor Practice Greens

  1. Current owner – your indoor practice green can be next level with PushNPutt:
    • Unique Wow factor – FUN factor!
    • Easy ball retrieval
    • Keeps balls in place
    • Greater efficiency
    • Maintains like new condition of cup and surrounding area
  2. Manufacturer of indoor greens – give your customers the PushNPutt advantage:
    • Set your products apart
    • Perfect for small and large indoor practice green designs
    • WOW! – a flag stick that does so much more
    • Patented and trademarked – nothing else like it

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