Putting Green Flags

The innovative minds behind PushNPutt have revolutionized putting green flags for the modern golfer. Our patented interactive putting green flagsticks are the coolest innovation in the last fifty years. They provide much more than just a way to signify the end of a hole. Our flagsticks lessen stress on your back, protect the turf around the green and even minimize your course maintenance.

putting green flags

PushNPutt Putting Green Flags

The idea for these innovative flagsticks was born out of a round of golf. Inventor Jerry Mallonee was playing golf with his father-in-law and noticed that he had issues bending over to retrieve his ball. Jerry went over to help, and noticed that ‘1958’ was stamped on the bottom of the cup. Not much has changed in the design and function of golf cups and flags. Which inspired Jerry to get to work in improving the game.

That’s how PushNPutt was invented. Our patented flagsticks remove the repeated and stress-inducing movement of bending over to retrieve the golf ball. This issue has persisted since the game’s inception. It is often remedied by golfers digging the balls out of the hole with the help of their putter head. The added footprint of weight, chipped cups and scraped turf all affect the way the ball rolls into the cup, and incurs additional maintenance costs to remedy the issues.

Our putting green flags are much more than simple markers. Now, our flagsticks allow for increased putting time, decreased stress on your back and joints, and lower maintenance needs. The secret to its success is in the name. Simply push down on our flagstick, and your golf balls are gently raised to the green. Then you’re ready to keep putting!

High Quality Materials

Every PushNPutt is crafted in the United States using the highest quality materials. Stainless steel, nylon and outdoor plastics prolong the life of our products, which are backed by a one year warranty. And with embroidered putting green flags, custom finishes and a variety of colors available, you can create the flagstick that best matches your private course, indoor putting green and everything in-between.

PushNPutt Products

Although the original PushNPutt offers a great solution for golfers of all abilities, we also offer two other flagsticks with similar functionality. Our LiftNPutt requires players to simply lift up on the available knob – instead of push down – to raise their balls out of the hole and onto the putting green. The PutterUP model is a mini version of the LiftNPutt, and features a T-shaped knob that accommodates any standard size putter. Instead of digging out the golf ball from the hole and damaging the cup and surrounding green, instead hook your putter on the knob and pull up, releasing your golf balls onto the putting surface.

In addition to flagsticks, PushNPutt also stocks a variety of custom putting green flags and cups. For all of your golfing needs -whether you’re a golf pro or superintendent of a private club or a hobby golfer with a backyard course – PushNPutt stocks some of the most innovative products at competitive prices.

Contact the Experts

When you’re ready to revolutionize your game, contact the experts at PushNPutt. We’re happy to answer any questions about our flagsticks or other high-quality products. Contact us today!