NC Golfing

When it comes to the great outdoors and fun activities for the family, you can’t go wrong with a trip to North Carolina. While hiking remains a popular choice to reconnect with nature, another fun option is a summer golf vacation! Both newcomers and golf gurus alike can enjoy time spent on a golf course in North Carolina. To elevate your NC golfing experience, why not add some useful accessories? Jerry Mallonee, golf fan and creative genius, has crafted an innovative and groundbreaking tool that will take your golf game to the next level: the PushNPutt flagstick. Let’s take a look at the PushNPutt, as well as two favorite golfing spots around the company’s headquarters in Newton, NC at 1848 St. Pauls Church Road. Your North Carolina golf experience will be one to remember with Jerry’s tools and hotspot recommendations.

PushNPutt: The Best Golf Accessory

nc golfingThere are a lot of add-ons and supplementary tools out there when it comes to hittin’ the mountain golf course in style. But, Jerry took it a step further. He had the brilliant idea to create something that will not only extend the longevity of your putting green’s appearance, but also reduce strain and ache on your body. The PushNPutt flagstick boasts a patented design and is truly a one-of-a-kind product. Interactive in nature, this product allows you to spend considerably less time fetching golf balls from the holes. How does it work? You merely press down on the flagstick, and the balls will pop out of the hole. It’s that simple! What is even better is that the mechanism for spitting out the balls is engineered in such a way that the balls cannot fall back into the cup. Amazing!

Regardless of whether you maintain the grounds of a golf resort or you simply act as a frequent flyer to your local country club, you will find yourself enjoying your golf game considerably more with PushNPutt’s groundbreaking flagstick. No more bending over constantly and/or digging balls from the holes with your golf club. Let Jerry’s inspirational tool save you time and preserve your physical comfort during your golf game. And since you won’t be tempted to rely on those clubs to lift balls from the holes, you can count on less damage being done to the turf surrounding the hole. Take a peek at the PushNPutt online store and shop the fantastic selection! From various flagstick styles and sizes to customizable flags, there are quite a few options available to breathe personality and style into your next golf game.

Fun North Carolina Golf Courses

Now that you’ve nabbed your nifty PushNPutt flagstick to alleviate some strain on your knees, it’s time to set out and find some fun local golf spots! With the headquarters of PushNPutt being situated in Newton, North Carolina, we definitely have some insider recommendations for your next golf trip. Make sure you add the following suggestions to your list of places to visit!

D.L. Tee Golf Inc.

Situated within Newton, itself, D.L. Tee Golf Inc. is a phenomenal option for affordable golfing fun. Not only do they offer a selection of clubs and drivers for purchase, but they can also customize clubs for you, offer regrip/repair services, and provide some golfing instruction for newbies! Additionally, you can set out to their driving range for some light exercise and great times with the kids. So, don’t delay! Check out D.L. Tee Golf Inc.’s practice facility or driving range at 3005 US-70 in Newton, NC. You won’t regret it!

Ole Still Golf Club

Only twenty minutes away from Newton resides the town of Hickory, NC. A favorite golfing spot for locals of the area is Ole Still Golf Club at 1157 Players Ridge Road in Hickory. This club remains a favorite for a reason! It has so much to offer for a day of outdoor entertainment. With a semi-private 18 hole golf course, you can plan on a leisurely day here. If you find yourself getting a bit hungry, not a problem for Ole Still Golf Club! There is a restaurant on site known as the Ole Still Cafe, that is open six days a week (excluding Tuesdays). Bring the entire family for an afternoon of relaxation and delicious dining! You won’t find more well-rounded putting facilities around.

Elevate Your NC Golfing Trip

North Carolina has a seemingly endless supply of thrilling ways to pass the day outside. From hiking and fishing to rafting and golfing, there is plenty for the entire family to see and do. When it comes to golfing, specifically, you won’t find a better place than the Newton, NC area to be. So the next time you suit up to hit the putting greens, don’t forget your PushNPutt flagsticks and putting green flags! To learn more or shop the selection, don’t hesitate to reach out at 828-464-8882. Take a load off your mind (and knees), and speed up your playtime with PushNPutt at your side.