Golf Flagstick and Cup

Golf Flagstick and CupDo you enjoy playing a round of golf, but need to ice your knees after each round? Does the repeated bending to retrieve your golf balls leave your back and joints begging for ibuprofen? Not anymore! Jerry Mallonee, inventor of the PushNPutt golf flagstick and cup, has created one of the most innovative products that the golf industry has seen in the last fifty years. His interactive flagstick has removed the need to bend over and retrieve golf balls, allowing golfers of all ages and abilities to continue to enjoy the game.

PushNPutt Golf Flagstick and Cup

The patented PushNPutt flagstick is unlike any other golf flag or cup of its kind. That’s because inside the pole is an internal mechanism that makes retrieving golf balls both simple and effective. When you’ve reached the green and have finished a hole, simply push down on the flagstick. Jerry’s innovative design raises the false bottom of the cup, simultaneously raising any golf balls in the hole out onto the putting green. The balls are evenly dispersed onto the turf, and won’t fall back into the cup – guaranteed.

Jerry first came up with this idea when playing a round of golf with his father-in-law. Throughout the game, Jerry noticed that his older golfing partner was having issues retrieving his golf ball from the end of each hole. Jerry went over to help when he noticed the year ‘1958’ stamped on the bottom of the cup. With so many innovations made throughout the world in the last sixty years, this cup made Jerry realize that the golfing industry hadn’t been keeping up with the times. That’s when he became inspired to create a new golf flagstick and cup that would address some of the issues with traditional golfing equipment.

High Quality, American Made

Jerry began creating the PushNPutt golf flagsticks and cups in his home state of North Carolina. Using high quality outdoor plastics, nylon and powder coated stainless steel, he created golf flags that would stand up to any weather condition. Which is why he offers a one-year guarantee with every flagstick.

In addition to the original PushNPutt model, Jerry also created the LiftNPutt flagstick. Like the original, the LiftNPutt encompasses and interior mechanism that raises golf balls out of the hole and onto the putting green. However, golfers simply need to pull up – instead of push down – on the flagstick to engage the mechanism.

The PutterUp model is a mini version of the LiftNPutt, and features a hook at the top of the pole to perfectly accommodate a putter head. When you’re ready to retrieve your golf balls, simply hook your club to the top of the PutterUp flag and lift gently. Within seconds, you’re ready to keep putting!

Less Wear and Tear

In addition to relieving the wear and tear on golfers’ knees, backs and joints, PushNPutt golf flagsticks and cups can also reduce the maintenance needs of your course! When golfers become fatigued from repeated bending, they often resort to digging out their golf balls with their clubs. This can cause dented cups and torn up turf around the hole.

With PushNPutt, there’s no need to fish out your golf balls. Because they are automatically placed back onto the putting green, PushNPutt flagsticks can actually help to protect your turf. Reduce maintenance costs and give your course a personalized touch with our customizable golf flagstick and cup.

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