Golf Flags For Putting Green

Golf Flags For Putting GreenSince the beginning, golf flags for putting greens have served only one purpose: to mark the end of a hole. But not anymore! Jerry Mallonee, inventor of the patented PushNPutt flagstick, has created one of the most innovative golf products the industry has seen in the last fifty years!

World’s First Interactive Golf Flag

Jerry was playing a round of golf with his father-in-law when he noticed that his golfing partner was having issues retrieving his ball from the hole. Jerry went over to help him when he noticed that the year ‘1958’ was stamped at the bottom of the cup. With so many advancements in the last sixty years, this simple cup made Jerry realize that the golfing industry has not had many advances in terms of new and innovative ways to play. That’s when Jerry became inspired to create PushNPutt golf flags for putting greens.

His one-of-a-kind design features an interactive flagstick that – when pushed down – utilizes an interior mechanism that gently lifts the bottom of the cup, dispersing golf balls back onto the putting green. There’s no need for repeated bending or stretching to retrieve golf balls at the end of each hole. Now, golfers of any age and ability can enjoy more putt time and less stress on their joints by using the PushNPutt system.

High Quality Golf Flags for Putting Green

The PushNPutt golf flags come in three models. The original PushNPutt requires a downward pushing movement to gently lift the golf balls onto the green. The LiftNPutt features the same interactive quality, but golfers simply need to lift up – rather than push down – to engage the mechanism. Our PutterUp model is a smaller version of the LiftNPutt and is perfect for backyard hobbyists or putt-putt courses. The tiny golf flag features a handle on the top of the post that accommodates the head of a putter. Simply hook your club and pull up, and your golf balls are evenly dispersed on the turf.

No matter which design you choose, all of our PushNPutt products feature the highest quality materials on the market. From outdoor plastics and nylon to powder coated steel, our products are made to last. They are all made in North Carolina and come backed by American craftsmanship – as well as a one-year warranty. Golfers can even customize these golf flags for their putting greens by choosing different colors, flags and finishes. Set your course apart with PushNPutt!

Fit For a Pro

Backyard and hobby golfers aren’t the only ones that will benefit from owning a PushNPutt golf flagstick. Golf pros and private country clubs can also use our innovative designs on their courses. Our products also help lessen maintenance costs in the long run!

When golfers get tired or sore from repeated bending to retrieve their golf balls, they most often resort to digging their golf ball out of the hole using their putter head. This can dent and corrode the cup, as well as rip up the surrounding turf.

With PushNPutt, you don’t need to worry about sustaining damage to your course. The interactive flagstick gently raises the golf balls to the putting surface and disperses them away from the hole. Golfers don’t need to dig out their golf balls, and your turf and cup remain pristine. Lessen maintenance costs and keep your club looking neat with PushNPutt products.

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To own one of the most innovative golfing technologies on the market today, order your own PushNPutt flagstick. The world’s first and only interactive golf flags for putting greens, our products are made in the U.S. and are sure to last. Order yours today!